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Authors: Susan K. Elliott Hamm
Vonda Kaatz Klimaszewski

Fulfilling the Vision:
One Dallas Arts School’s Impact on the World

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People say:

Celebrating at the Book Launch Party with Dallas Arts District Executive Director Lily Cabatu Weiss

Hollywood producer Wendy Calhoun: “Love the book! I ordered two more.”

BTW Theatre Teacher Jane Farris: “The book is beautiful!”

Artist / sculptor Heather Gorham: “Thank you both so much for your dedication and your vision in creating this book. I am truly honored to be included in the company of so many wonderful and creative people, you two being at the forefront. You really did such a lovely job with both the portraits and the writing. Thank you both so much for all of your efforts and hard work and talent. I feel so very lucky to get to do what I do and be in the community of artists that Arts has helped come into being. Thanks again for sharing your vision.”

Parent Caron Robinson: “I just sat down and really looked through the wonderful book you put together. I read a lot of the artists’ interviews, but not all of them YET. It is really an amazing creation. Congratulations to both of you!”

Film producer / writer / actor Gene Gallerano: “I wanted to send you my biggest congrats for the COMPLETION of the BTWHSPVA book! What an effin' accomplishment!!! I know it has been a real labor of love.”

Musician Otis Gray: “I received the book. It's absolutely beautiful. In fact, it's amazing. You have done something extraordinary. Congratulations!"

Actor / Director / Writer Mel England: “I just wanted to send you guys a note and say thank you so much ... for everything! It was such an honor to be included in your lovely book, which is such an incredible tribute to our beloved school…” Mel England

Broadway Producer / Jazz Singer / Advertising Executive Terry Loftis: “I received the book and it looks amazing!! Thanks to you and Susan for the vision and the hard work.”

Fulfilling the Vision Book
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176 pages, more than 100 full-color photos

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  • cover the expenses involved in creating this comprehensive and beautiful book
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Donate now to support arts education in Dallas. Inspire artists of all ages with the stories of how Dallas students have succeeded in the arts. Thank you!

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